Welcome to the Lewis and Clark Middle School Choir Site!

The choir program at Lewis and Clark Middle School includes 6th, 7th, and 8th grade choirs and a morning Swing Choir.  The 8th choir consists of two different sections during the school day.  Both sections learn the same music and then join together for performances.

All choirs are taught the basics of music, proper singing technique, concert etiquette sight-singing, history, expression, and anything else that may help them be successful.

Music selections are based around a wide variety of genres.  Students are taught to appreciate strong musical lines and to enjoy many styles.

Performances usually include 3 concerts per year.  They typically follow the schedule of a holiday/winter concert, early spring (March) concert, and a performance at the end of the school year.  All choir students are required to attend the performances (it is equivalent to a test).

Swing Choir- This is an optional choir that meets two mornings/afternoons a week.  Students may need to give a small audition to participate.  Music selections are based around the lighter genres (pop, broadway, jazz, rock, etc.).


It is important to the sound of the choir that all choir students actively participate with focused singing in every choir rehearsal. Students are given 3 points a day for their active and positive participation. If a student is not feeling their best, they have the choice not to sing that day, but will not receive their participation points. These students need to inform the director at the beginning of the rehearsal time as to why their level of participation is not at the highest.

It is also important to the success of the choir that students are helping to make the class a positive experience. Students MUST focus so the teacher can teach and the students can learn. Students will also get 3 points a day for their behavior and level of focus. A student that has chosen not to participate without informing the director, will receive 0 behavior points for that day.



BEHAVIOR: 3 Daily Pts



AUDIENCE: varies with the nature of the performance


Concert Attendance

Choir students are required to attend all choir concert/performances. Because a performance is the final step in the musical learning process, the concert is a test grade. If your child is unable to attend the concert, please provide a written not of the emergency reason or it will be a zero in the grade book. I can be emailed at mcquillana@billingsschools.org or called at 281-5948.


DECEMBER 11:  7-8 Choirs + Swing Choir

DECEMBER 19: 6th grade Choir (6th Orchestra and 6th Band will also be performing)

MARCH 12:  All Choirs Perform

APRIL 26:  6th grade Choir (6th Orchestra and 6th Band will also be performing)

MAY 14:  7-8 Choirs + Swing Choir

All concerts start at 7:00 p.m. in the auditorium. Students need to arrive to the choir room by 6:30 p.m.

Attire for the concert is the choir t-shirt or a plain black t-shirt and nice blue jeans. Shoes should be complimentary to the shirt and jeans.


If you would like choir reminders sent to your email or smartphone:


text @f42bgd to the number 81010

or use following link:



text @8c98c2 to the number 81010

or use following link:



text @983de7 to the number 81010

or use following link:


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